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The Janelle Show

Holly Hughes

Apr 25, 2021

Holly talks about work-life balance. She believes that can only happen when we heal old wounds and don't have to prove our worth- therefore we don't overdo it in the office or at home. 

Holly is an author and intuitive healer who has been through things and come out the other side. Her book REAL, NOT PERFECT How To...

Jimmy Clare

Apr 18, 2021

Jimmy has figured out a strategic work and life balance that he shares about in this podcast.

Her website:



Meah Barrington

Apr 11, 2021

Meah shares her beginning stages of entrepreneurship, investing in yourself, finding your way in the tv/film industry, using your interests/hobbies to build your resume.
She finds this opportunity positive and uplifting and a great platform for her to speak about her journey and potentially motivate someone


Apr 4, 2021

Jennifer Braganza discusses how to live your best life possible! 

Jennifer I. Braganza has a 20+ year career that has spanned strategic customer-centric design, process engineering, and project/program management. She worked as an Operational Excellence leader, facilitating the re-design of billion-dollar businesses. ...