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The Janelle Show

Jul 24, 2022

Janelle has a brush with death that she doesn't take lightly and has decided to end the Janelle show. Check out the episode to find out how she almost died and what will happen with the podcast. 

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Jul 17, 2022

In this episode, Kellie shared her experience and her journey to self recovery and find a new way of living and working as an HSP. She also spoke about how to identify if oneself is an HSP, ways to resolve and balance the impact with one's personal life and business. 

Kellie Daab is the Highly Sensitive CEO. After...

Jul 10, 2022

On today's episode, Anjum shared her experience on how she transitioned from her corporate 9-5 job to an enterpereneur as Instagram Marketer and a Coach.

As an Instagram Marketing Expert, Anjum shared some insight  on how to get inbound client from your marketing effort using Instagram.

Anjum is a social...

Jul 3, 2022

Our Guest on today's episode is Tequila Cousar is a Personal Branding Coach, She discussed her journey to becoming an entrepreneur in the coaching space. 

She shared some insights to building a personal brand and practical strategies to accomplish it. Finally shared 5 important steps to building a sustainable...

Jun 26, 2022

On today's episode, Hani shared her experience with starting a clothing line and a Marketing agency. Also gave some perspective on balancing the business side of things and family life. 

As a young entrepreneur she shared some advice on how to navigate the early stages of entrepreneurship in order to...