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The Janelle Show

Jan 31, 2021

Personal Website

Jan 24, 2021

Personal Website:




Jan 10, 2021

After our exciting interview with Angelica "AJ" Aubern last week the tables were turned and now I'm in the hot seat.  Enjoy as I share a lot about myself, goals, aspirations, and vision for my business and life.  Get to know me, Janelle A. Jones, mother, visionary, dope marketing strategist, and owner of Hustling...

Jan 3, 2021

Very energetic interview with Dr. Andrieka Austin "AJ" discussing how even though she had life struggles like a divorce, she promised God she'd reach back if she made it through.  She received her honorary doctorate and now has helped over 147 black women get certified as life coaches around the world.


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